CBC / Radio-Canada Warehouse Expansion at 2415 Richardson Side Road

CBC / Radio-Canada has decided to consolidate its entire collection of film reels in one location.  In addition to the film reals there are a small number of related files and drawings as well as 500 square feet of storage for artwork storage.  To achieve this, it needs to build an addition on an existing warehouse at 2415 Richardson Side Road in Ottawa, Ontario.

The addition is comprised of a one storey warehouse space with a "cooled" room inside to store the film at the required seven degrees Celsius.  The shape, scale, and finish of the new addition is designed to complement the existing warehouse but keep the existing high barn warehouse as the predominant feature on the site.  The size of the proposed addition is 1,077 square metres (11,592 square feet) in building area and 1,138 square metres (12,250 square feet) in gross floor area. The access to the new addition will be through the existing warehouse, both for film storage and for foot traffic. The site will include for a new underground water tank, fire pump, and generator for the sprinklers. Fencing, stormwater management, and planting will be included in the scope of work. New trees will be added to the site for cooling and to improve the quality of the stormwater run-off.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, a Crown Corporation, is the property owner and is therefore the lead federal authority. As the lead authority, CBC / Radio-Canada has authorized this project description for the Impact Assessment Registry Posting by the NCC. The NCC acts as a joint authority and is required to review and sign the determination of environmental effects along with CBC, according to the National Capital Act.

The proposed addition would be built on land that is currently used as a storage yard. The storage yard would, as a result, be moved and occupy 25 metre by 84 metre area (2100 square metres / 22,605 square feet in area) of a grassy area, adjacent to the north of the current storage yard.

A rezoning of the Subject Property and Site Plan Application are being undertaken simultaneously with the City of Ottawa to add a "warehouse" as the main use. Rezoning and Site Plan approval are expected to be finalized by January 2021.  The construction is set to begin in February 2021 with a completion date of late June 2021. Construction work will abide all municipal by-laws, including noise.


Latest update

December 31st, 2020. The assessment decision statement has been issued to the proponent.


Key documents

Key documents
Document Number Document Title File Date
2 Notice of determination - December 31, 2020
1 CBC / Radio-Canada Warehouse Expansion at 2415 Richardson Side Road - December 1, 2020


Environmental Assessment
National Capital Commission
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Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5A8
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    • 2415 Richardson Side Road (Ontario)
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    • Building and Property Development
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    In progress
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    • National Capital Commission
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    Project on federal lands
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