Stabilization of the banks along the Bonaventure Expressway from the Victoria Bridge to 625 metres west of the Clément Bridge

The banks of the Bonaventure Expressway currently have areas of steep slopes as well as areas showing active erosion in the tidal range. Investigations were conducted, and inspection and verification reports on the embankments' general stability reveal that the embankments need to be reinforced. The goal of this project is therefore to reinforce a section of the bank of the St. Lawrence River on the Island of Montreal that extends along the Bonaventure Expressway from the Victoria Bridge to 625 m west of the Clément Bridge.

The general goals of this stabilization work are to increase the overall stability coefficient of the embankment and protect the banks from ice and water erosion over the long term to account for the effects of climate change. The proposed bank stabilization approach accounts for technical and environmental constraints stemming from characteristics of the shoreline and surrounding land, including contaminated soils at the site and the containment system to capture free phase hydrocarbons.

For the bank section that extends 625 m west of the Clément Bridge, the planned work will include making the bank slope less steep. Environmental risk management measures include covering any potentially contaminated soil with a 50-cm layer of clean cover to create a physical barrier. Riprap will be laid down in the tidal range to protect the bank from erosion.

For the section between the Victoria Bridge and Clément Bridge, the planned work includes installing a stabilizing berm with an average width of 8 metres over 1,200 linear metres at the foot of the embankment. This in-water work will be optimized to minimize any encroachment into the fish habitat. Although the work will impact approximately 16,600 square metres of fish habitat, these impacts will be offset by fish habitat compensation projects. Once stabilized and regraded, the banks will be completely revegetated with native species and landscaped so that brown snakes in this area can re-establish their habitat.


Latest update

July 21, 2023 – The public consultation period for the project has finished.

The Jacques Cartier Champlain Bridges Incorporated is reviewing the comments received to determine whether the project is likely to cause significant adverse environmental impacts.



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    • Montreal (Quebec)
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    The Jacques Cartier Champlain Bridges Incorporated
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    • Fisheries and Oceans Canada
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    Project on federal lands
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