Drainage infrastructure improvements - Weirs, siphons and ditch

Parks Canada wishes to make improvements to the drainage infrastructure in various sectors of the Chambly Canal. Work is planned on siphons 1, 2 and 3, weirs 1, 2 and 3, and the ditch by the workshop. For some structures, it will be necessary to dry the work sites. The work will be completed in the fall, following the navigation season, when the canal's water level is lowered for the winter.

Siphon 1

The work planned includes completely demolishing and rebuilding Siphon 1, excavating and rebuilding two dikes and the canal's path, replacing two culverts under the siphon with a single rectangular culvert, and rebuilding ditches on both sides of the siphon. There are plans for contaminated soil management, pursuant to the regulatory requirements in effect. The Siphon 1 sector is a fish habitat, so Fisheries and Oceans Canada will be consulted and steps will be required to move the fish before the work begins.

Siphon 2

The work planned includes demolishing a concrete structure downstream, which will likely be replaced with a prefabricated structure.

Siphon 3

The work planned at Siphon 3 includes cleaning, demolishing and rebuilding the downstream end of the siphon duct. The upstream and downstream sectors of the siphon are fish habitats. The upstream duct will not be affected and will remain operational during the work.

Workshop ditch

The work planned at the workshop ditch is intended to address erosion towards a neighbouring lot, at the edge of a chain-link fence. The planned interventions include building a fence on a concrete wall 38 metres long, laying riprap at the ends of the wall, excavating a section of the ditch and seeding for revegetation of native plants.

Weirs 1 and 2

The work planned at weirs 1 and 2 includes repairing concrete, painting steel components, replacing planks, repairing infill damage, replacing a trash rack at Weir 1 and adding railing at Weir 2.

Weir 3

The work planned at Weir 3 includes repairing concrete, painting steel components, demolishing and/or reinforcing unstable concrete components of the old hydroelectric plant, replacing current engines, improving the existing control panel used to open gates and performing electrical work.


Latest update

28 march 2020 – The public comment period on the project is closed. Parks Canada is considering comments received to help inform its determination on whether the carrying out of the project is likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects.



Chambly Canal National Historic Site
1899, boulevard De Périgny
Chambly, Quebec J3L 4C3
Telephone: 450-447-4832
Email: envuvnq-qww@pc.gc.ca

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    • Chambly Canal National Historic Site (Quebec)
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    • Water Management
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    Parks Canada
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    • Parks Canada Agency
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    Project on federal lands
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