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About the Canadian Impact Assessment Registry

The Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (the Agency) administers the Canadian Impact Assessment Registry (the Registry).

The purpose of the Registry is to facilitate online access to information and records related to the conduct of:

The Registry provides Canadians with convenient and timely access to records produced, collected or received in the conduct of assessments to support meaningful public participation. To facilitate public participation, the Registry is equipped so that the public may add their comments about a project directly on to the website.

Responsible federal authorities

The Agency is the sole responsible authority for impact assessments of designated projects as well as regional and strategic assessments under the Impact Assessment Act. The Impact Assessment Act specifies which records produced, collected or received in support of assessments conducted by the Agency or a review panel are posted online to ensure a transparent process.

The Impact Assessment Act also specifies that other responsible federal authorities manage and maintain records produced, collected or received in support of assessments under their responsibility. Authorities responsible for the conduct of assessments on federal lands or outside Canada include other federal departments and agencies, federal regulators, port and airport authorities, including Crown corporations. Public access to additional records may be obtained, unless the disclosure of the information is otherwise prohibited under the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act. In those cases, the Registry includes contact information for each assessment.

The new Canadian Impact Assessment Registry

In support of the new Impact Assessment Act, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency has undertaken a project to design and implement a new online Registry. The new Canadian Impact Assessment Registry provides increased access to information and expands on the capabilities of the previous Canadian Environmental Assessment Registry.

The new Registry delivers greater transparency about proposed projects and makes it easier for Canadians to have a say in projects that concern them.

New tools and enhanced functionalities

Based on feedback gathered throughout extensive consultations with Canadians and user experience design principles, the Registry now offers new tools and enhanced functionalities in order to:

Find and access information about assessments

Project pages offer easier navigation, including project details, an interactive map, latest updates, nearby projects and key documents.

Key documents to conduct an impact assessment are accessible directly from the project page while all the other documents are available from the “List all documents” hyperlink.

Improve search capabilities

We have significantly improved the search function to help users find the information they are looking for. The keyword and reference number search offers results listed by relevance. Users are able to customize their search results with filters to help them pinpoint the information for which they are looking.

Users can browse a list of active projects, view assessments on an interactive map or access a list of opportunities where they can get involved.

Give feedback on projects subject to an assessment

The Registry provides users with an easier way to communicate their views with the Agency. It introduces an online commenting tool allowing users to read the comments submitted by others and submit their own from the assessment page.

The ability to provide online feedback on projects is subject to social media authentication and agreement to the Terms of Use and Submission Policy.

Additional improvements will be implemented through ongoing releases.

If you have questions or require assistance or if you have ideas for future improvements, please contact the Registry team at

Additional information

For additional information on the Registry, consult the Registry’s Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you want to learn more about federal impact assessments, consult the Agency’s website.

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